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Cooking is an art, and cooking cabbage rolls is nothing short of a masterpiece. Cabbage leaves, minced meat, rice, vegetables - this dish combines all the necessary elements of a quality, balanced meal: proteins, complex carbohydrates, fats and fiber. No wonder this dish is known and revered on all continents.
One of the most delicious and favorite desserts in our family is the Napoleon cake. Its preparation cannot be called simple and fast, but the result is certainly worth the effort. The cake turns out to be amazingly tasty, with thin cakes and the most delicate butter-custard.
CREPES are always a great idea. It's the perfect breakfast option, a hearty dessert after a light lunch, or a tasty dinner to end a hard day's work. The best combination of ingredients and tender dough.
We are true connoisseurs of dumplings, which is confirmed by a variety of fillings: chicken dumplings, with beef, with turkey and many other delicious combinations. Every day we prepare dishes by hand from the best fresh raw materials. Visit our store and see the high quality of homemade semi-finished products
Now you do not need to spend a lot of time on breakfast, hurrying about your business. Just warm up cheesecakes with raisins - and you are guaranteed a delicious snack! Теперь не нужно тратить много времени на завтрак, торопясь по своим делам. Просто разогрейте сырники с изюмом – и вкусный перекус вам гарантирован!
You no longer need to spend a lot of time kneading the dough and preparing the filling - we have done everything for you. Treat yourself to free time, a quick and tasty meal